What I do

I interpret content for museums and historic buildings and define narratives to create stimulating environments: write and edit exhibition content and ensure interpretation is suitable for audiences. Carry out community engagement and audience research.

I co-ordinate and develop museum exhibitions from the concept through to the final delivery: assist with research, object selection, design case layouts, copyright clearances and installation. Liaise with external contacts and co-ordinate loans and track expenses.

I collaborate with exhibition designers and museums to create interesting and accessible designs: support the designer in shaping the visitors experience. Ensure all exhibition content and graphics are accurate before signing them off to print.

“Stories are the most fundamental way we learn…stories inspire awe and wonder; they allow a listener to imagine another time and place… ” Leslie Bedford

Leslie Bedford is the author of ‘Storytelling: The Real Work of Museums’ an inspiring article, which argues that stories are a powerful tool in bringing visitors and content together.

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